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The result of the collaborative artist book project THE BOOKS HAPPEN will be on display to the public for the first time. Kunstruimte KuuB, Utrecht, opens its doors between 22-25 October for an exhibition of Henny Overbeek with site specific works, installations, and The Books that have happened.


Initiated by visual artist Henny Overbeek, the project spans over three years and 50 unique productions of collaborative artist books. Offering collaged dummies to other artists with a carte blanche, Overbeek started The Books Happen amongst friends but subsequently broadened its territory to less known forces and artists personally unfamiliar to him. The dynamics of these collaborations are manifested on the pages of collage, archival footage, drawing and sometimes violent action or complete disappearance.

Unlike the often distant display of artist books as closed off objects in collections, The Books that have happened are presented within this exhibition, alongside installations of participating artists, to be opened and encountered. Each single page is a collage of intense visual power play and storytelling.


Participating artists:

Mister Adam, Frank van Ansem, Gigi Blay, Michiel ten Bokum, Aldo van den Broek, Nik Christensen, Julien Couic, Vincent Dams, Aukje Dekker, Egs, Rutger Floor, Gimzee, Ruben Gutierrez, Robert van Gijssel, Anthony Kleinepier, Luuk Kloosterboer, George Korsmit, Patrick Mangnus, Ilga Minjon, MOK-C, Nieuw Brabants Front, Nug, Jonas Ohlsson, Marc Oosting, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Paul Segers, Simon Schrikker, Alja Steinvag, Toon Teeken, Boris Tellegen, Undog, Patrick de Vries, Marjolijn de Wit.


You are cordially invited to our opening on Friday 23 October at 17.00h with drinks and performance by Blodfet & DJ Lonely


Exhibition 22 – 25 October 2015 open from 1300h -1800h

Opening 23 October 17.00h


Click HERE for an interesting text about the project, written by Ilga Minjon.



KuuB, Ruimte voor Kunst en Cultuur. Pieterstraat 3. 3512 JT Utrecht